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I started my professional career  as a lighting technician (electrician) in the Belgian and French film industry. 

It went on for 6 years.


My main concern was to learn the craft of lighting from any different gaffers and director of photography's point of view I could work for.

Life itself remained my main cinematography book of study. I love exploring how light influence my emotions, taking daily notes.


​In 2017 my son was on his way to earth. I flew to Los Angeles to join the Global Cinematography Institute. A master program in the art and craft of cinematography created by the great Vilmos Zsigmond. Classes were led by many teachers such as Russel Carpentier (Titanic), James Laxton (Moonlight), Christopher Probst (Mind Hunter) and many others.

Those mentors gave me an incredible start on my professional career as director of photography.

Since then I decided to stay closed to any new technology coming up  and accepted the offer to join the  EYE-LITE rental company's team in Brussels.

I start each new project as it was my first : Questioning the scripte's voice and personality and fully joining the  director's vision.

Cinematography taught me how simplicity is beautiful. 

"Things we find simply beautiful
are often beautifully simple as well."
  Roger Deakins

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